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MyRewards are rewards in the form of points to Mayapada Bank’s customers for banking activities carried out related to bank products and services at Mayapada Bank.
  • Points from the MyRewards program are MyRewards point
  • Points are calculated based on the customer's accumulated banking activities if the customer has more than 1 (one) Bank Mayapada's product (MySaving and Credit Card).
  • If there are differences in data on MyRewards calculation recorded by the Customer and those recorded in the Mayapada Bank’s system, what can be used as a reference is the point calculation data in the Mayapada Bank’s system.
  • MyRewards that are not exchanged (redeem) will be accumulated with MyRewards obtained later until the point expiry deadline.
  • Banking activities undertaken by customer to collect points following the applicable provisions per each activity carried out, such as MyCredit Card transaction activities and others.
  • This program does not change the provisions of other banking activities in Mayapada Bank
  • Customers remain subject to and comply with the terms and conditions relating to banking activities determined by Mayapada Bank, including applicable laws and regulations
  • Mayapada Bank can make changes at any time related to the terms and conditions, which Mayapada Bank will then inform all Customers in the form and manner determined by Mayapada Bank
  • Decisions, provisions, and amendments to the provisions made by Mayapada Bank cannot be contested.
The following are the product criteria that are used as a reference in the calculation of the MyRewards program as follows:
  • MySaving average balance (not applicable for join account)
  • Credit Card Transactions with a certain minimum nominal and multiples apply
No Product Type of Transaction / Activities Total Points
1 MySaving average balance The multiple of monthly average balance is IDR 25,000 10 Points
2 MyCredit Card Minimum Transaction
  • Rp 500,- for Signature, Platinum & Gold
  • Multiply Applies
1 Poin
MyRewards can be exchanged through the following channels:
  • Website, through this website, exchange can be made for all prize categories.
  • In the points exchange process, Bank Mayapada will be assisted by partners (third parties) who have collaborated with Bank Mayapada. The partner will be responsible for providing up to the delivery of prizes.
  • Every customer point exchange transaction will receive a One Time Password (OTP) to the mobile number recorded in the Bank Mayapada system. If the customer does not have a valid mobile number in the Bank Mayapada system, the customer is asked to update the data at the nearest Bank Mayapada Branch Office.
  • Every point redemption transaction, the customer will receive an SMS / e-mail notification that will be sent via the mobile number or e-mail address indicated on the Bank Mayapada system.
  • Points exchanged cannot be cancelled unless Bank Mayapada and or Bank Mayapada partners cannot fulfil the delivery of the selected goods/services. In this condition, Bank Mayapada will return the points that have been exchanged.
  • Travel, special categories related to travel such as airplane tickets, hotels, car rentals, and others
  • Non-travel, prize categories in the form of goods/services such as electronic devices, fee waivers, subscription services, and others
  • Vouchers, in physical or electronic form such as shopping vouchers, hotels, pulses, donation, topup and others
  • The expiration date of MyREWARDS points from MySAVING can be seen through 'My Account' in website.
  • Points redemption period can be done during MyRewards program and and can be changed as Bank discretion
  • If the MyRewards points accumulation or balance are not exchanged until the end of the points expiration period, the MyRewards points will be forfeited.
  • If the customer closes all Bank Mayapada accounts and/or products, all MyRewards Points collected from the account will expire even though the program has not ended.
  • Customers are asked to register on the website to participate in this program.
  • All Bank Mayapada products and services owned by customers will be automatically registered to earn points.
  • If products and / or services that are owned by customers do not match the data on MyRewards, the customer is required to confirm or update the data to the Bank Mayapada Branch Office or contact call center.
  • To get MyRewards, customers must follow the conditions in getting points.
  • Program participation will automatically end if the customer no longer has an account at Bank Mayapada and/or the customer dies and/or the customer is declared not entitled to collect or exchange points by Bank Mayapada for committing fraud in collecting MyRewards or violating other banking regulations. In this case, Bank Mayapada is fully entitled to cancel the customer's participation in this program.
  • If the Customer no longer has a MySaving account or closes MyCredit Card account, it will take effect immediately according to the date the Customer closes the account.
  • Bank Mayapada has the right to refuse, cancel the redeem MyRewards or temporarily block the MyRewards account of customers who commit violations/omissions such as customer MyRewards indicated obtained from unnatural transactions.
  • Every refusal, cancellation of gift redemption or blocking MyRewards accounts will be notified by Bank Mayapada to customers in the form and manner determined by Bank Mayapada
  • For the condition mentioned above, the Customer no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days after receiving notification from Bank Mayapada, must provide clarification and supporting documents to Bank Mayapada regarding the negligence / violation that has occurred.
  • If the customer is legally and convincingly proven that the MyRewards points of the Customer were obtained from an incorrect/improper transaction. Then Bank Mayapada has the right to declare the Customer has committed negligence/violation and Bank Mayapada has the right to terminate the participation of the customer in the MyRewards program.
  • Every complaint can be submitted through Bank Mayapada Contact Center MyCall 1-5000-29 (Call center need to inform the Giift Team after receive complaints from the Customer)
  • If the prize inventory runs out / there is no service/goods provider, Bank Mayapada will deliver the information to the customer. MyRewards Points that have been exchanged will be returned/cancelled by Bank Mayapada and the Customer can exchange with other available prizes.
  • The quality of goods/services is the responsibility of the provider of goods/services, if there are complaints related to the quality of goods, the complaint can be submitted directly to the goods/service provider.
  • Complaints can be submitted no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the exchange of MyRewards. Complaints will not be followed up if received by Bank Mayapada after more than 14 calendar days.
  • Details about the MyRewards program can be seen at
  • These terms and conditions are an inseparable unity with the provisions and information submitted by Bank Mayapada including through other media such as letters, posters, flyers, and others.
  • Points that have been redeemed cannot be cancelled
  • Prizes that have been selected cannot be returned or exchanged for cash or other prizes.
  • Customers are required to maintain the confidentiality and security of customers Bank Mayapada accounts including electronic devices and communications used by customers to access Bank Mayapada accounts.
  • Bank Mayapada has the right to carry out maintenance activities and or changes in technical specifications and access to MyRewards.
  • All losses and/or claims arising as a result of negligence and/or negligence of the Customer in maintaining the security of MyRewards account passwords and supporting devices used by the Customer to access MyRewards accounts so that they can be used by irresponsible parties and cause financial losses are is the customer's responsibility.
  • Product and/or transaction terms and conditions and/or others not regulated in these terms and conditions will follow the terms and conditions that apply to each product/transaction.
  • In managing the MyRewards program. Bank Mayapada Tbk. in collaboration with PT. Gift Management Indonesia (Giift).